Comfy armours for your everyday ventures.

Stay confident
Stay stylish
Stay yourself


In the past, armour was all about protection on the battlefield, boosting soldiers' confidence. But times have changed, and so has our definition of armour!

At Oversey, we've reimagined modern armours to accompany you in your everyday ventures. Our comfortable and stylish clothing offers the protection and confidence you deserve, not for battle, but for conquering life's challenges.

Made with love in Switzerland, our high-quality products are 100% cotton, taking a stand against plastic in the fashion industry.Our clothes are not just apparels; they're the storytellers of your journey, bridging our imaginative universe with your real world.

Become a part of our kind rebel community, challenging norms with kindness and compassion. Embrace your individuality, fearlessly expressing yourself while respecting and uplifting others.

We are the kind rebels!

Everything for and in comfort

When you're comfortable in your clothes, it's easier to be comfortable in your mind.

Challenge the norm

Stand up for what you believe in. Still, do it with kindness, empathy, and consideration for others.

The true word 

Everyone should feel free to express themselves however they want, and we're always learning and growing from the universe around us.

The kind rebels are the person who challenges societal norms and conventions positively and compassionately.
We are individuals who are not afraid to think differently, question authority, and stand up for what we believe in.

Still, we do so with kindness, empathy. We are not afraid to be ourselves and express our individuality, in a way that is inclusive and respectful of others. We try our best to make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

We believe in fully being ourselves and resisting against the up roar of the world.

Swiss design 🇨🇭

We work with a fashion designer in Valais to create unique and original stuff for you.

Made in Turkey 🇹🇷

Our supplier is in Turkey, and the factories are in the country's south.

100% cotton 🧵

We use materials that does not contain plastic.